2016- standing up for “old people”

Hey Hey Hey!!! By launching my music career at 49 1/2 I am standing up for old people everywhere!!! I have been playing for a while now… BUT!!! …now is the time for making moves…the time to say “YES” to travel, to gigs, to writing every day, to practicing with a metronome more.

Putting ones self into a category based upon our age limits our potential. Why don’t we add a 10 pound weight to one ankle at the beginning of a race? Uhh… it would be stupid? duh… But we do similar things with our thoughts and actions.

If a gymnast was to begin training at age 3, and learn, train, and compete for 15 years, they would be good in 5 years, great in 10, and probably finished by 15 years. It would be time well spent on honing the body, coordination, and then you could apply that to other endeavors.

If you are any age, and want to do something new, just think about the fact that you not only could be good in 5 years, great in 10 and finished in 15 and it would be time well spent, but you also probably have already done this “learning curve exercise” for other things if you played sports as a child, or worked at school, or learned a job. It should be FASTER now to go through it again, with a different endeavor BUT THE SAME PRINCIPLES! Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s too late, or that it will take too long… HOG WASH!

Please let me know how you’re doing!!!