Hello Friends!!!

Winter of 2014/15 is kicking me into the new world of blogging, linking, and uploading music. Although I can still remember getting up off the couch to TURN OVER THE RECORD, and placing the needle where I wanted to listen,.... I am embracing the ease of the new world. I recently recorded an EP with my dad at Studio Alf in Portland, OR, and it is raw and ready for a listen. Just me, and "the goddess"... My jumbo gibson... no punches, one time through. Eileen Bailey danced through much of the recording of it! It is a pretty big contrast to my first effort in 2008, "Making the Mantle" which was a fully produced CD, with fabulous musicians filling out my sound. It can be purchased on iTunes if you are so inclined. Listen to the EP here!! Please contact me if you want to "share the stoke" of life, and collaborate on a tune, or gig together. Love, love, love.... wstar